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CCTV Camera Service Provider Lucknow
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CCTV Camera Service Provider in Lucknow

CCTV Security Cameras is an expert in networked video surveillance for home, communities and businesses. Our parent company was founded in and grew from wireless networking to include video surveillance. Just as communication was transformed by telephone networks in the 20th century, video will transform the way we monitor and communicate in this century, bringing families, communities and businesses closer together.

If you are looking for a digital camera solution, HRCS has the expertise to turn your vision into a reality. As technologies continue to advance, electronic products are more often integrating multiple functions. Digital Camera functionality is now found in computers, PDAs, GPS devices, phones, MP3 players and security products to name a few.

Awadh Info Solution provides Video CCTV Camera, Analog Cameras, Digital Cameras, Network cameras, IP Cameras, DVR, HDCVI Cameras, HDCVI DVR, CCTV Camera, Surveillance Cameras, HD CCTV Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Spy Cameras, LTR Systems, Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Monitoring Cameras in all areas of Lucknow including Alambagh, Nishatganj, Kapurthala, Hussainganj, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Chowk, Rajajipuram, Munshi Puliya and all its nearest places of Lucknow.

  • Set up of video surveillance helps to prevent undesirable actions in the premises of your home, offices, workshops etc.
  • It helps to increase protection of your homes, office, shop spaces etc.
  • The presence of these cameras helps to monitor on-site activities and guard the premises from anti-social elements and thefts.
  • The installation of these cameras also helps to reduce security staff in the premises. So guards need to be placed only at important exits and entrances.
  • Tracks and records every movement that transpires within the area of the surveillance equipment. These recordings can be used for future investigations.<>/li
  • Availability of various features which improves the quality of video recording.

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For the most demanding video security applications, We offers a variety of specialty camera systems specifically designed to deliver the highest-quality video in the harshest environments and lighting conditions.

Thermal camera specifically designed to be an integrated part of any end-to-end video security solution while ExSite explosion proof camera systems meet the most rigorous hazardous location certifications with state-of-the-art integration, control and programmability. And rounding out the offering are Pelco Fortified Integrated Camera Systems, delivering a new level of protection from heat, cold, humidity and challenging power environments.

Smart Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras:

In these cameras the optical character recognition is completed within the camera, thereby minimising the amount of data which needs to be transferred around a network.

Digital Time Lapse cameras:

With built in recording and the ability to capture a .JPEG image every t seconds, minutes, hours, these cameras offer solutions to the construction industry for the creation of marketing materials, project files (a record of the total construction phase of a building) and health and safety management.

Video Analytics cameras and encoders:

We can supply smart cameras and digital encoders with built in video analytics. Applications include security and market research (people counting).


  • HD IP720p and 1080p video.
  • WiFi connectivity via your existing Network.
  • Up to 30m Infrared Night Vision.
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range WDR).
  • 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction.
  • Back Lighting Control.
  • On-board Storage up to 64GB.
  • Built-in Microphone.

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